HB Customer From Finland
It was really an honor to meet you again last week at your shop.

Here are the pictures we promised to send to you of my 1960 Chevy Sedan Delivery 
with The Hampton Blower.

Best regards
Juha-Pekka Lehtinen & Minna Palm
from Finland
Hi Don,
I thought you may like a pic of my Vicky. The Hampton blower sure makes her a head turner! Not to mention a torque monster.
Thanks for all the good advise and support.
Joe Shay
Hampton meets and greets the newly weds Mr. & Mrs. Lillard Hill who "tied the knot" at the drag strip during the NHRA 15th Hot Rod Reunion on Oct. 7, 2006. The couple said that were really happy with their Hampton Blower and that they drove their hot rod "Rat Fink" everywhere, everyday..... 
Letters From Hampton Blower Customers
Thanks Don,
Just wanted to shoot you a email to let you and everyone know that if you don't have a Hampton Blower.
You are wasting your money on the rest of the other brands.
Best wishes Roger
I have added some pictures.
Hope you like.
Chassidy Andrew
Administration Manager
Universal Grinding Service, Inc.5230 Hartwick, Houston, TX 
Its Keith Yannone, i purchased the 671 for my 88 347 mustang. Just wanted to say i love it.The power is incredible and it sounds awesome.
Thanks for everything. I am thinking about building a 460 big block in the future and i will call you for an 871 blower when i do. I've included some pics of the car.
Thanks again,
keith yannone
I don't want anything important ... just keeping in contact with some updated info for a good friend and advisor.
My 84 Buick and I have been hibernating for the Michigan winter, with record
snowfalls here in February (over 35 inches). See the attached photo. My Buick has been in the garage with the liability insurance turned off since November (when the first salt went down onto the Michigan roads). At last there is an early hint of spring, with todays high temp at last over the freezing mark. Now I am starting to think about my car and engine again.
Your satisfied customer,
                          Dave Harrington
Hampton Blower On Dave's Buick 455
I would like to thank you for you efforts in helping me pick out the right supercharger.

When I decided to build a new engine for my 22 foot Schiada v-d rive boat , the twin turbo chargers needed to be rebuilt at an enormous expense.

After speaking to some of your competitors I was really dissatisfied with the option of supercharging. When I came to you shop in Downey I was really impressed, you spent the time explaining how much better the supercharger option was . The supercharger I purchased from you performed perfectly on the dyno. The engine made 1148 hp at 7200 rpm on race gas with 12 lbs of boost. With some pulley and camshaft changes you suggested we de-tuned down to 806 hp at 6300 rpm on pump gas with 8 lbs of boost.

Since then I have had 5 trouble free years boat ing and I have gone as fast as 113 mph on the GPS with no problems.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all the help.

Mike Forster
Service Director
Boulevard Buick/Pontiac/GMC
I want to tell you this car is unbelievable, 600 cubic inches with two blowers and 4 600's, the carbs right out of the box, no problem the engine turned over about a half of a turn and lite right off. Check out the video also of the start up. 
Video of start up.... Ron Ginn
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